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Understanding Brexit: The Rise of English and Scottish Nationalism

Regardless of one’s political leanings, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) is undergoing a constitutional crisis. Yet, if we were to find a common denominator amongst all the political upsets that have occurred this decade, from the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum and the 2015 UK General Election, to the 2016 “Brexit” […]

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Election Week in DC

Election week in Washington, D.C.: The Independence Project participated in a panel at the North American Conference on British Studies ‘Independency and the English Revolution’. Many thanks to David Como for organizing the panel, Sears McGee for chairing the session, UEA for supporting the conference, and colleagues, including project partner from TCD Jane Ohlmeyer, for […]

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Brexit in Context

Britain is still reeling from its shocking decision to exit the European Union. Global markets are struggling to adjust to the new uncertain geo-political landscape. Spectators across the world are watching and waiting. Will Britain’s decision to jump ship inspire other members of the European Union to follow suit? Will Scotland assert independence from England? […]

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Prequel to the Independence edition under contract

The prequel to Pre-Revolutionary Puritanism in Early Stuart England is now under contract with Oxford University Press.  The Reformed Government will document one of the most extensive puritan responses to Richard Hooker’s Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity, one of the first substantial contributions to political thought, philosophy, and theology in the English language which laid an essential foundation for later social contract […]

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Independence in Press!

The project’s editorial team just completed a critical edition of manuscripts documenting the earliest debates over ‘independence’ in the English speaking world.  This edition, Pre-Revolutionary Puritanism in Early Stuart England, which is now in press with Oxford University Press, was edited by Dr Polly Ha, Dr Jonathan Moore, and Dr Edda Frankot. A public exhibition featuring […]

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Independence and Religious Tolerance?

What did the idea of independence have to do with the expansion of religious toleration in the West? See the project director’s article ‘Religious Toleration and Ecclesiastical Independence’ which just appeared in the journal Church History. Abstract: By the mid-seventeenth century, radical Protestant tolerationists in Britain and the British Atlantic began to conceive of religious liberty as a civil liberty […]

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