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Europe and Britain

Graeme Murdock, Lecturer in European History at Trinity College Dublin, is a leading authority on reformation and politics in Eastern and Central Europe.  He spoke on ‘Independence and Religious Pluralism in Central Europe.’ Watch interview

Scott Eastman, Associate Professor of Transnational History at Creighton University, is an expert on Spanish and Mexican national identities during the wars of independence with interests in identity, colonialism and the intersection between politics, culture and religion across the Hispanic Atlantic World.  He spoke on ‘Religion, (In)Tolerance and Independence in the Spanish Monarchy.’

1 – 4 July 2015


Polly Ha, Associate Professor/Reader in Early Modern History at the University of East Anglia, spoke on ‘Independence and the English Revolution: Justice, Legitimacy and The New Model Army.’

Noah Lemos, Leslie and Naomi Legum Professor of Philosophy at William and Mary, specializes in epistemology and ethics and is general editor of the Cambridge Studies in Philosophy series.  He chaired the session on John Locke and Independence.

Tim Stanton, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Politics at the University of York and currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Lichtenberg Kolleg at the Georg-August-Universitat Gottingen.  His research focuses on the thought of John Locke and its relation to nonconformity in seventeenth century England, European debates about toleration and liberalism.  He spoke on ‘John Locke, Religious Freedom & Independence.’

Colonial and Revolutionary America

Malcolm Gaskill, Professor of Early Modern History at the University of East Anglia is a leading English social historian. Gaskill chaired the session on Independence in the English colonies, which is related to his recently published book on English migration to America with Oxford University Press.

Evan Haefeli, Associate Professor of History at Texas A&M, has published widely on early America, engaging with the encounters between the Dutch, British and indigenous people.  He spoke on religious freedom in early colonial America.

John Ragosta, Visiting Professor of History at Oberlin College, formerly fellow of the International Center for Jefferson Studies and the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities.  An award winning author, he has published on Jefferson, independence, and religious freedom in revolutionary America and Virginia, and chaired the session on The Three Revolutions of Thomas Jefferson.

Thomas Buckley, S.J., Associate Professor of History at Loyola Marymount University, is a specialist in Jefferson’s Statute for Religious Freedom and spoke on ‘The Three Revolutions of Thomas Jefferson.’  

Africa and America

Sylvia Frey, Emeritus Professor of Colonial and Revolutionary America, is a leading authority on African American religion, Catholicism, and free people of color during the French and Spanish colonial periods.  She spoke and chaired the session on African and African American religion with the Washington Mandela Young African Leaders.

John Coffey, Professor of Early Modern History at the University of Leicester, is currently working on antislavery. He spoke on ‘Declaring Independence in the Black Atlantic: Writers of the African Diaspora in the Age of Jefferson, 1760-1800 .’

Southeast and East Asia

Ronald Dimberg, Director of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor Emeritus, University of Virginia, is a specialist in Korea, traditional China and Sino-Vietnamese refugees, and chaired the session on Southeast and East Asia.

Anthony Reid, Emeritus Professor at Australian National University, is a world leading expert on Southeast Asia, and East Asian Freedom.  He spoke on ‘Sovereignty, Suzerainty and Dependence in Southeast Asia.’

George Kallandar, Associate Professor of History at Maxwell School of Syracuse University, is a specialist in Korean and northeast Asian history and culture in the early modern period.  He spoke on ‘Religious Freedom and Independence in Early Modern East Asia.’

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